The History of Computing evening at Google London

This evening we were fortunate enough (thanks to BGV) to have been invited to a discussion celebrating the history of computing, held at the main Google offices in London.

All the talks and videos were very interesting, but the one that caught my attention in particular was a look back at how Lyons the bakers were one of the first companies to implement what today we’d call a management information system.

All in all, a very inspiring way to kick off our stay in London!

A familiar sight on my first day in the BGV office

Ultra PRT Pod model at Nesta

First day in the office, and a familiar looking Pod is on display!

This is a scale model of a Heathrow Pod, the driverless taxi system I worked on for five years before founding writeLaTeX. There are twenty one of these running at Heathrow Airport, as part of the world’s first commercial PRT system — check them out if you’re ever at T5!



Joining Bethnal Green Ventures

July has always been a favourite month of mine — sunshine (occasionally), summer holidays (usually), and celebrations (it’s my birthday in a few weeks :-)).

This year July is bringing something new — a move to London and a place on the Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator programme.


John Lees-Miller and I are the two founders of writeLaTeX, a free service that lets you collaborate in real-time on scientific papers and presentations, as part of a cloud-based approach to academic publishing. We’ve been developing writeLaTeX for a while now, and with its growing popularity we were looking for support and investment to take the idea further. A good friend of ours recommended the BGV programme, and we were delighted to be accepted as part of the 2013 summer cohort.

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